Projekt: The food industry – Powder handling

IBC has provided a facility to a brewery for handling of organic malt. The pilsner malt comes with a bulk tanker and the caramel malt in big bags. The pilsner malt is blown into a silo and transported into the system with a screw conveyor. The caramel malt is emptied in two big bag dischargers in a “loss in weight system”. The organic malt is then transported by aero mechanical conveyors. The whole system is ATEX-approved and controlled by a control cabinet.

The food industry – Powder handling: Specification

  • Material
  • Organic malt
  • Equipment
  • Big bag discharger Bagboy Hatch type C, weighing system, dosage screws. Aeromechanical transport with two inlets and one outlet. Silo, filter, ladder, transport screw. Control cabinet for the whole system.
  • Delivered
  • 2015

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