Projekt: The color industry – powder handling

IBC has delivered a larger facility to Flint Group, which is a major producer of color to the printing and packaging industry. They invested in a complete powder handling facility for titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide is used as an ingredient in paint recipes, mainly directed to the packaging industry.

In the past, Flint Group handled all the material manually –  the operators had to by hand open and empty a large amount of small bags into the mixing tank. This resulted in heavy work and the powder contaminated the staff, equipment and premises, which neither promoted an ergonomic  nor a healthy working environment.

IBC delivered equipment containing an aeromechanical conveyor, a hygienic / dust free big-bag discharger, a small bag discharger and a screw conveyor. All controlled from a control cabinet which was included in the delivery.

Now the material is handled in a closed system which has improved the working environment considerably. In addition, the productivity and the batches are increased, which is a great advantage.

The color industry – powder handling: Specification

  • Powder
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Equipment
  • Big bag discharger, small bag discharger, aeromechanical conveyor, control cabinet
  • Delivered
  • 2016

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