Magical sand from Waba Fun

Publicerat av: IBC International

Sand. Most people know how sand feels like and get different associations with these small grains. But that sand can be magical, that is most probably not expected. But it exists and is called Kinetic Sand™.

Waba Fun launched the product and has its manufacturing in Falkenberg. IBC was contacted by the CEO who wanted to improve the bag handling and ergonomics for employees. The sand comes in 2.5-kg plastic bags that are in big bags, so it was not the usual powder flow that IBC was accustomed to. IBC manufactured a big bag discharger and a slide with built-in pneumatic stop.

The material handling is as follows – the big bag is lifted with the big bag yoke. The operator opens the big bag spout so the plastic bags fall onto the slide. To stop the flow down to the working station, were the plastic bags are packed into boxes, the pneumatic stop is used. With this equipment Waba Fun has achived a cost effective solution and the working environment can now be classified as ergonomic.