Effective lifting of windows

Publicerat av: IBC International

Inwido AB is Europe’s largest manufacturer of windows and doors with headquarters in Malmö. Inwido has factories and offices in eight countries, approximately 3,300 employees and a turnover of approximately 4.9 billion SEK (2014). The company’s brand portfolio includes several well-known brands in Sweden, among others Elitfönster, Hajom and SnickarPer.

In order to improve and facilitate the management of large windows up to 400 kg, IBC delivered a moment-absorbing lifter and vacuum tool. Thanks to the new equipment, Inwido has increased the capacity of the weight of the glass sheets. The tool lifts, rotates endlessly and tilts which is very important for lifting the window sheets, because the sheets are at different slopes in the racks. ‘The new lift works radiant, with both safety and precision “, says Håkan Rosell, maintenance manager at Inwido.