Bagmaster JR I

Bagmaster is the common name for IBC’s big bag filling systems. JR (Junior) is a big bag filler with a clamping cone for a dust-free and closed filling process. The Bagmaster-systems are designed for a modern and ergonomic working environment.

Bagmaster JR I features an ergonomic system where the hooks are positioned close at hand for the operator to rig the bags. The operator platform is adjusted for each specific machine for the appropriate working height.

An important advantage is the machine’s closed filling system that provides health and environmental benefits. The filler is easily integrated into existing systems thanks to the modular design. This contributes to the total freedom to customize the installation in existing buildings. Theoretical capacity 20-30 big bags/hour. The machine can be equipped with features such as welding the inlet spout, stacking two bags on each other, sack labeling etc.

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