Projekt: Mining industry – powder handling

IBC has provided a great facility for the mining industry for the manufacture of explosives. Sodium nitrate and sulfamic acid are handled in big bags. They are emptied in separate big bag dischargers and the powder is transported in both vertical and horizontal aero mechanical conveyors with dosage down to the mixing tanks. The equipment is controlled with an advanced control cabinet.

Mining industry – powder handling: Specification

  • Powder
  • Sodium nitrate, sulfamic acid
  • Equipment
  • Big bag discharger, aeromechanical conveyor, dosage equipment, control cabinet
  • Delivered
  • 2015
  • Pulverhantering för gruvindustrin
  • Pulverhantering för gruvindustrin
  • Pulverhantering för gruvindustrin

Project: Mining industry – powder handling / Download documents

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